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What We Do

You won’t find many charitable organizations like International Children’s Fund, which combines four unique elements to efficiently deliver vital aid to those in greatest need across the African continent.

  1. Grassroots volunteers who perform the vast majority of the work, allowing us to direct 98% of contributions to program services.
  2. Local indigenous Christian ministers who live and work in the regions they serve.
  3. A common spirit that unites them both: a shared Christian faith that bridges borders and cultures with a heart to help.
  4. A singular focus on helping desperately poor children and their families to survive, then to grow into self-sufficiency.

We invite you to come and personally explore this spirit in action, through the three stories below that dramatize the work we’ve focused on for 30+ years. Africa’s neediest children will be glad you did.


Going Green and Making a Difference: A practical, thrifty Midwestern spirit at work in our Wisconsin headquarters.
Pastor Ghansah’s challenge: One man fights the obstacles and wins… with help.
From help to hope: A flexible approach that strengthens local economies while meeting a village’s needs.

The International Children’s Fund has come to the aid of needy children worldwide since 1987. The monetary and material gifts of our donors have helped us distribute life-saving food, clothing, and medicine across the African continent. We have also supported the construction of orphanages, churches, schools and vocational training centers, drilled water wells to provide safe drinking water, and established agricultural projects.

Donors from all walks of life and all spiritual traditions have been reassured by the distinctively Christian character of ICF. The free and unconditional gift that comes with every ounce of ICF assistance is the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. This position is clearly outlined in the mission statement that guides our every effort:

“The International Children's Fund's Mission is to minister to the physical
as well as the spiritual needs of desperately poor children and their families,
worldwide — just as Jesus ministered to the multitudes."

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