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Pr. Ghansah's Struggle is a Child's Victory

When Pastor E.Y. Ghansah got word that a huge shipping container of ICF supplies was headed for the Gospel Ambassadors Ministry in Kumasi, Ghana, he was understandably overjoyed. There is a truly overwhelming need among the population of desperately poor children — particularly those who are orphans — in and around Kumasi. (click here for more on Pastor Ghansah and Gospel Ambassadors Ministry.)

Paving the road, Ghana style
He had little time for rejoicing however, since much work must be done before the help could reach those who need it. Fortunately Pastor Ghansah knew the process well. Since the day decades ago when he met ICF founder Dr. David Bruenning in an African Bible seminar, he has become an expert at channeling ICF aid effectively through one of the world’s trickiest infrastructures. Here’s a partial list of the tasks facing him and his small staff:

  • Arranging for the container’s reception at the seaport in Tema, including paying all the necessary duties with ICF funds wired ahead
  • Finding an honest truck driver who would avoid hijackers and skillfully haul the container 200 miles over difficult terrain to the Ashanti region
  • Waylay bandits and corrupt officials who would gladly steal and resell the shipment on the black market
  • Accept the container and start an orderly distribution of its contents in Kumasi and the surrounding rural areas making sure the supplies get into the neediest hands rather than the greediest


Victory with unlikely allies
The day the container arrives is like Christmas. Literally thousands of children are helped by the container of food, clothing and medicine, augmented by locally purchased supplies funded through ICF donations.

Pastor Ghansah is a thankful man. He appreciates the help of local officials, who know his good works and make sure nobody interferes. He deeply appreciates the help of ICF donors whose gifts make it all possible. His ultimate thanks, however, go to God. His ministry has truly been blessed, by thousands of people who attend his crusades, seeking to learn more about the Christ whose followers send such timely help.

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