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A Sea of Change in the Desert

For thousands of years, the Maasai people have been nomads on the vast Serengeti plain of Kenya, herding their animals in the sparse foliage and happily living like tumbleweeds. Global climate change now demands that they take root, a task being accomplished with the help of the International Children’s Fund’s missionary partners.

The agent of change is a devastating long-term Serengeti drought. The missing rainfall killed off the livestock, turned their ancestral lands into a desert, and brought them to the brink of starvation. After years of Christian ministry on the outskirts of Nairobi, Peter Kiio knows the Maasai well. His Faith Revival Fellowship is helping a group of them learn the techniques of farming, giving them a means of survival and potential growth for years to come.


Seeds of hope
The first order of business is establishing a farmstead, which is already halfway accomplished with ICF help. Pastor Kiio’s ministry has purchased a plot of land outside Nairobi, fencing it and protecting it from interlopers. They are now at work installing a well that will help the arid land burst into bloom. Soon the planting of seeds… provided by ICF donors… will begin in earnest, followed by the joys of the first harvest. At every step, the ICF’s Kenyan partners will be there for instruction, support and spiritual encouragement.

This small farm will do more than feed a few families. Its fields will be used as a school for other tribesmen, who will receive their own land and teach their children agricultural skills.

Breaking ground for freedom
A generation from now, we hope the Maasai will be proudly self-sustaining again. Pastor Kiio and his fellow Faith Revival Fellowship workers will need to stay closely involved while the Maasai learn, an involvement made possible by the continuing financial support of ICF’s American donors.

Will you help them break ground for a new tomorrow? Help now with a tax deductible donation to the International Children’s Fund.


Kibera Slums
There is light in a dark place.  With the help of our donors, Pastor Kiio started a school and outreach in the Kiberia Slums.  Kibera houses approximately over 1 Million people and is the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world.  Water has to be collected from the Nairobi dam and it is not clean.  It causes typhoid and cholera.  In most of Kibera there are no toilet facilities.  One latrine (hole in the ground) is shared by up to 50 shacks. Once full, young boys are made to empty – they take the contents to the river where they also collect water for drinking.  In Kibera there are no government clinics or hospitals so the residents are left begging for help in the city.  

Will you help Pastor Kiio continue to assit the young children of Kiberia? Help now with a tax deductible donation to the International Children’s Fund.

Ministry List

Faith Revival Fellowship in Nairobi
Focus: orphans, widows and families

  • Distribution of food, clothing and medicine with evangelistic outreach
  • Establishing village rehabilitation centers with a church/ school/clinic, a working farm and an orphanage
  • Long term goal: agricultural training to reach self-sufficiency

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