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Killing...and Healing...in HIS Name

Unless you’ve seen the efforts of the Lord’s Resistance Army firsthand, you might assume they are doing God’s work. Nothing could be further from the truth. This group of Ugandan rebel guerrillas, known for ruthlessness and atrocities, has waged war against the Ugandan government for years. One tragic result is a vast group of as many as 1.5 million displaced persons, many packed into inhuman refugee camps. Fortunately, the Lord also has true soldiers in Uganda like George Kasharu. A pastor and long-time friend of the International Children’s Fund, he risked his life to deliver desperately needed aid to the Ugandan village of Lira to bring a ray of hope to the refugees. Pastor Kasharu is committed to win the war against poverty and starvation for his people of Uganda… one child at a time…


Help, and hope
When hostilities began in 2005, Pastor Kasharu called for ICF’s help and we were able to respond immediately with funds to allow George to locally purchase:


  • Life-saving food, in a form that malnourished children can safely digest
  • Medicine for the doctors and nurses brave enough to staff this dangerous outpost
  • Supplies including mosquito nets and farm implements to protect against malaria and allow the creation of sustenance farming Help Us >

Not only did ICF provide the funds to purchase this life-saving aid, but ICF founder, Dr. Bruenning personally went to Uganda to assist in this vital relief effort. Dr. Bruenning and Pastor Kasharu delivered and personally distributed two large truckloads of aid to the desperate people of the refugee camps of Lira. Thousands of children and their families were helped through this effort.


But what about tomorrow?
If Pastor Kasharu could speak with you in person, he’d tell you about the grateful faces of the children who have been helped. He’d also speak of his concern over many who are still waiting. Join us in easing the suffering of children in Uganda and across Africa. Help now with a tax-deductible donation to the International Children’s Fund.


Ministry List

Redeemed Church Ministries, Pastor George Kasharu
Focus: material help and Christian evangelism to orphans, widows and families

  • Distribution of food, clothing and livestock
  • Disease treatment and prevention
  • Development projects include a youth center, orphanage, and vocational school


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