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Onward to Hope: ICF Helps Villages Grow

While Africa needs food, clothing and medicines to prevent starvation and disease, hope is the commodity that is in shortest supply. Without it, people live from meal to meal. Hope makes it possible to lift a village out of subsistence into new activity and self-sustaining growth.

At the International Children’s Fund, we kindle this hope through the local missionary partners who are our eyes, ears and helping hands. They know whether their village needs a new clinic, or whether a vocational training center would be a better way to bring new vitality.

Making hope happen with tangible gifts
The people at ICF trust our missionaries’ vision, and work speedily to gather the resources that make them a reality. While this help can take a multitude of forms, it comes in three basic types:

  • Donated resources needed to accomplish a specific plan. This could be medical equipment for a clinic, well-drilling equipment or printing presses to print Gospel tracts and teach vocational skills. We’ve even shipped a pickup truck to a minister in need!
  • Global sourcing of food, medicine, and supplies. The ICF team scours the globe to find the most cost effective source of purchased materials.
  • Sending funds for capital projects like the construction of orphanages, schools, or churches. Food and materials are locally purchased where indigenous materials are lower in cost or more readily available.

For one missionary partner, help could mean a shipping container of clothing to fortify refugees against a coming winter. Another village may need cement, locally purchased as a raw material for a hospital, orphanage, school or church building that will bless generations to come.

How can you help?
One of the most unique aspects of ICF is its willingness to accept gifts in kind. This means we eagerly take donations of medical equipment and supplies, tools and machinery, even clothing and other items… everything from computers to bicycles.

The vast majority of people choose to make things easier by giving a monetary gift, which allows us to purchase materials, pay for shipping and support local programs.

Will you help meet the pressing needs Africa is facing now, by making a financial gift to the ministry of the International Children’s Fund? Click here to give with our safe, easy online form, or feel free to contact us directly to arrange for an ICF gift.

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