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Changing Lives Throughout the World
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By Lori

Our partner Pastor Paasewe sent us a story about one of their church members who goes by the name of Sister Teneh Pabia (in the yellow t- shirt).  She got married to a man who had two other wives.  Sister Teneh was raised as a Muslim and this was normal practice in their village.  Pastor Paasewe was able to build a Christian school with funds and support from International Children’s Fund in this area.  He was also able to drill a well that provides clean drinking water; to truck in food and lifesaving mosquito nets and he shared that it was all possible because of the love of Jesus Christ through International Children’s Fund.  

Sister Teneh heard the Gospel message and she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal savior!  Her husband threw her out of the house with her two children and they are staying with some friends from the church until they can find somewhere else to live.  They are praying and trusting in God for help and a place for her and her children.

Last Sunday, the church shared the theme:  Rejoice in the midst of adversities, Matthew 5:12.  Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Friends, the Bible clearly states that Christians will be persecuted. Our partner Paasewe shared that it still happens today in many different forms, from as simple as being mocked to as serious as murder.  Be that as it may, he encouraged his church and Sister Teneh that they should not let persecution discourage them from being Christians.  Accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior is one of the most important things we will do on this Earth and we shouldn't avoid it because of persecution. 

He said that although life may be hard at times because of being a Christian, he encouraged all to be strong.  Christian persecution may not be avoidable, but as followers of Jesus Christ, we can endure anything.  

Friends, can you imagine?  We live in our safe neighborhoods, we can go to our favorite church and we have the right in America to freely worship our Lord.  Times are changing and it is important for us to be aware.  It is our responsibility and privilege to share about the Bible.  We should treasure and protect the right to do so.  Please pray for our brothers and sisters throughout the world that face persecution because of their faith in God.  

If you would like to help Sister Teneh and others like her, please consider making a monthly donation.   Remember that 98% of every dollar goes directly to those we serve.  Bless YOU!       


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