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Update: Kenya

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By Lori

It is my hope that the short story you read here will give you some insight as to how your support is making a world of difference!  Please read on to hear more about what life is like in Kenya.   

Due to the election this year, the nation was in a state of uncertainty and the economy was in turmoil.   We are thankful to God that there is peace but there has not been much improvement and prices are so high. Because of your support, we are able to work in the Kibera Slums.  It has been almost untouchable for outsiders for more than six months.  Our partner Peter even had to get clearance from his staff before venturing into the slum.  He said that they are so thankful for your financial support.  They used the funds to purchase food like corn, beans and greens.  They have been able to feed the children in the slums every day throughout the time of the crisis. This was a great blessing. They purchased food direct from the farmers, hence they were able to buy much more than they would have from the stores. Thank you for feeding these children. A meal in the slums can mean the difference between life and death.

We also support a children's home in Kenya and it is doing very well. The children are growing and are developing. They planted a garden and are happy to say they were able to grow vegetables through irrigation! This has greatly helped them in cutting down the cost of running the home. The school is running well and they are encouraged by the progress of the precious children.  Unfortunately their big truck broke down as it was delivering more food for the children's home.  They were not able to bring it back to the road because the contact they made to fix it was asking $1500.00.  Thankfully, they were able to find a different mechanic and because of your support, the truck will be back on the road within the week. 

The women’s groups are still going on as well. Unfortunately they were unable to feed everyone that gathered including the ones who are HIV positive. When they are not too weak, they make beads for the necklaces that were sent to International Children’s Fund.    

The church has been greatly challenged due to the constant moving from place to place.  They lost a number of people and support was very low.  The rent they pay has more than doubled in their current building.  Islam seems to be taking over the city and they are being pushed out. 

Even though things are hard, our partner Peter wrote, “You will never know what a blessing you have been to us and we thank you for standing with us during these very challenging times.” 

Friends, together, we can do so much!  Please take time to browse our website at www.ICFAID.org to learn more about how you can get involved to support our brothers and sisters in Kenya along with our other partners and please, become a “fan” of ours on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Bless YOU!   

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