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Life of a four year old girl in Liberia: Jebbeh Pabia

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By Lori
Jebbeh Pabia is only four years old. She is a very intelligent child and because of your support, she has been able to enroll in kindergarten this year!

Jebbeh loves to play and have fun with her friends and is also always excited about going to Church.

Jebbeh's life was not always this way. Three years ago Jebbeh's father was bitten by a snake while working on his farm in the jungle. The villagers tried to rush him to a local herbalist to be treated but it was too late. Her Mother entered into a marriage with another farmer who lives very far from their village so her grandmother took her in.

Jebbeh is from a muslim background; meaning her entire family is a muslim. Her poor grandmother asked the Church to help her as she was struggling to make ends meet.

Please keep this small family in your prayers as Jebbeh and her Grandmother are learning that christianity is more than just words, it is action. The tangible love of Jesus that our partner Paasewe and others from the church and school have shared with them have let them know that our Lord is real and now they want to know Him as well! Praise God!
Friends, please know that with your support, you are making a difference in the lives of many!

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