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By Lori



What do we want to accomplish? Who is it we are called to help? What results do we get and how are our actions valuable?


Simply put, we are challenged to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the orphans, widows, and the poor and share the Gospel and encourage others to do the same. How do we do this? We depend fully on our prayer partners, volunteers and donors! Alone we are ill equipped but together we can accomplish so much!


Did you know that every 20 seconds a child dies from poor sanitation?

That is one of the reasons we are called to dig wells in rural areas to provide clean drinking water to villages in need.

How can we fight a killer disease that is preventable?

Every 45 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria. We provide thousands of nets each year that are distributed to people that on their own could not afford them. Not only do we purchase shipments of nets, we also purchase large pharmaceutical shipments valued over 40 million dollars that treat well over 550,000 people every year. These life-saving shipments contain quality medications such as antibiotics, antifungal, antimalarials, antiviral, dehydration and diabetic medications to name a few.

How does the purchase of a 40 foot container, shelves, windows, roofing, teacher’s editions and books provide hope to countless youth in Africa?

We sent a 40 foot shipping container with supplies to My Brothers Keepers Orphanage in Liberia and built a mobile library on site to allow youth and local villagers the opportunity to pre-qualify for higher education. We have more mobile libraries planned in the future to assist people in rural areas and provide hope for their future!

How does partnering with Feed My Starving Children and local volunteers at packing events save lives?

We are the recipients of approximately 1,088,640 meals each year that we in turn send to our trusted partners overseas. Our volunteers load a 40 foot container with precious donations, we arrange and pay for shipping, we work with our partners in Africa to get their paperwork prepared for when the shipment is due to arrive. Once it does arrive in port, they have limited time to get it released or they are charged high duties. We assist with paying for the duty and transportation to their mission and prepare it for further distribution. We also send shipments of beans and other vegetable seeds to assist with feeding programs.

What about the people here – in our own communities that need assistance?

We were able to be one of the first responders after Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka, the earthquake in Haiti as well as Japan, and have assisted local homeless people by providing warm coats and supplies during the winter months the last couple of years. In Africa, if they do not have food, they can’t go to a local food bank, church or school to get food. They will starve. If the people in Africa have medical issues, they do not have free clinics or the ability to walk into a hospital and ask for assistance – often times there is not even shelves stocked with medications. We are free to worship as we wish. We can gather in our homes and conduct Bible studies; we can worship together in churches without fear of arrest or worse, death. Every day woman and children have to walk miles to carry contaminated water back to their shelter to cook, drink and bathe with. We have faucets in our own homes, clean wells and water fountains in every shopping mall and store.


Friends, as difficult as it is here in America, it is still the best that there is. What is our purpose? It is simple, to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.


Do you want to join us in making a real difference in the lives of others? Please consider a monthly donation to help us continue the work that we do. Become a "fan" on Facebook to help us share our mission, watch our videos on YouTube and follow us on Twitter to stay updated. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!


Please be assured that we take our responsibility as a steward of your funds very seriously. Thanks to our cost-effective, volunteer- based approach, 98 cents of every dollar goes directly to helping those we serve. Take equal comfort in the safety of our online donation form, which was designed to keep your personal and financial information completely confidential. For more information about our organization and others, please visit Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator. They provide free ratings of the financial health and accountability & transparency of thousand of charities in America. International Children's Fund has achieved our 6th consecutive, highest rating of ("Four Stars") for excellent fiscal management. To International Children's Fund and our partners overseas, every dollar counts!


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