Give a Life Saving Gift in Honor of a Special Mom

Give the gift that gives back this Mother’s Day with a donation in honor of the special mom in your life. In rural Africa, the care that a Mother provides to her children is often at the expense of their own. When there is not enough food, the children eat, and mothers often go hungry. When there is a shortage of medication, mothers will go without. Make a difference in the lives of mother’s and their children with a charitable donation providing food, medicine, and life saving supplies.

Imagine how your mother would react if you gave a desperately poor family in Africa the hope for a better life… on her behalf.

This Mother’s Day we are offering physical Mother’s Day themed tribute cards that can be mailed on your behalf to your parent/guardian/mother of choice. Simply click the button below and donate to a mother in need in honor of a mother in your life.

Stories of Resilient Mothers

Girl holding glasses filled with water

Godly Grandmother

Location | ICF Uganda

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Pastor Peterson Kasharu regularly visits remote villages in Uganda.  During his most recent trip he visited the hut where an elderly woman and her 13 grandchildren lived.  He learned that the children’s parents had both died and the burden of caring for the children had fallen onto their grandmother.  The family had run out of food and had not eaten in several days.  The grandmother told Peterson “I was laying helpless in the kitchen … praying for some food for my grandchildren and waiting for an answer from God”.  Her prayers were answered when Pastor Peterson arrived bringing bags of rice and corn flour along with cooking oil.

Young girl holding up a plate of rice and beans

Betty Nanteza’s Story

Location | ICF Uganda

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Betty Nanteza (pictured above) lives in the small village of Mawuta, near our mission in Uganda. She cares for her 6 children and 3 grandchildren. From before sunrise until after sunset her days are filled with hard work. She fetches water, grows vegetables, cooks, cleans, cares for the children, and so much more. When asked what she would want for Mother’s Day, she did not ask for candy or other gifts, Betty asked for a bag of rice or corn to feed her children.

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Our Partners

We are pleased to partner with the following organizations to bring tangible hope to children in the villages we serve throughout the African continent and other locations.