Nearly Half of All Childhood Deaths in Africa Are Due to Starvation

Starvation has long been a major problem in sub-Saharan Africa, however in 2020, the situation has become a true crisis.  First the COVID pandemic disrupted internal supply chains and halted food production and then came the locust.  The World Economic Forum reports that 2020 has the worst locust outbreak in more than 70 years and that it could cause the loss of as much as 70% of the cereal harvest.  The situation is dire… 

ICF supports extensive feeding programs through the shipment of food from the US and the purchase of local rice, beans, and meat products.  Through this program, our missions deliver several million meals to desperate children and their families each year. This program is essential to help stave off starvation.

Our missions are able to provide nutritious meals or deliver the supplies to rural families to do the same at a cost of approximately $0.33 per meal. 


of childhood deaths are due to starvation

billion undernourished people in Africa.

cost per meal provided

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