ICF Gift Catalog

Give a Gift That Gives Back

Gifts You Can Give Now

Well digging operations through ICF spur local economies and provide meaningful changes to the communities these wells serve. Give clean water today.


Give a Water Well

Balanced diets keep children and families healthy and improve quality of life. We work to provide the needed food for children across Africa.


Give 100lbs of Rice

Partners around the world meet the tangible, daily need of clothing so often felt by children in the villages ICF works within.


Give Clothing

We create systemic educational infrastructure that brings hope to an entire generation of African children. A donation of $400 will allow a child to receive a quality education for one year.


Give Education

Gifts help ICF alleviate the unnecessary suffering and health consequences of worms. This is one of the most common form of infections in humans and is 100% preventable with treatment.


Give Deworming Medication

Providing medication that treats children and the products needed to rid villages of jigger infections is a practical way to remove an unneeded problem. Elderly tend to be the most affected.


Give Jigger Eradication Treatment

We meet spiritual needs as well as physical needs through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and consistent discipleship.


Give the Gift of Jesus

Our work creating orphanages gives these children a loving and supportive community founded in God’s love.


Give Orphans a Loving Community

The provision of mosquito nets provides a high impact resource to communities that prevents disease at an extremely low cost.


Give 20 Mosquito Nets

Help Us Help Them

Choose from any of these special donations to give the gift of your choice to children in need.