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Making a Big Impact In Communities With the Greatest Need

International Children’s Fund Is An Organization Like No Other

We are a uniquely effective children’s charity focused on work across the African continent.

Since 1978, ICF has come to the aid of children in need worldwide. The monetary and material gifts of our donors have helped us distribute life-saving food, clothing, medical clinics, animal husbandry and medicine across the African continent. We have also supported the construction of orphanages, churches, schools and vocational training centers, drilled water wells to provide safe drinking water, and established agricultural projects. You won’t find many organizations like International Children’s Fund. We combine four unique elements to efficiently deliver vital aid to those in areas of greatest need.


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Our partner Ebenezer Yamoah Ghansah works tirelessly to introduce the power of the gospel to scores of young people in Kamasi, Ghana. Ebenezer is aware of local resources as well as local needs, and advises ICF’s efforts to direct funds where we can achieve the most impact.


ICF has been at work impacting lives at risk in the slums of Kiberia. Bishop Peter Sila enjoys a long history of working with International Children’s Fund to make a significant impact in the lives of at-risk children in the slums. Peter is well known in Kenya and allows ICF funds to flow directly to the most meaningful, needed projects in the region. Peters faith and resolve make an unshakable impact in his home country.


In 1998 Ralph A. Gelego called ICF requesting that we purchase land to start an orphanage for needy children wandering the streets of Monrovia, Liberia. As many of their parents were killed in the war and had no living relatives. ICF purchased 10 acres of land outside of Monrovia and within the first year a building was built. Ralph has continual founded many orphan programs since disease ravaged his home country and left many children without parents.


ICF’s Founder Dr. Bruenning worked with Peterson Kasharu’s father in the early days of ICF, and their connection is now spanning generations. Peterson is a treasure to work with as he strives to create opportunities for many children who have lost their parents. Indigenous people know the needs and know where they need help in their local communities. He has single-handedly provided education, deworming, anti-malaria, jigger eradication, and hope for thousands of children in Uganda.

Doubling Our Impact

With over 40 years of service, we’ve learned to work with local partners to maximize the impact of our donors. We buy locally and distribute locally through the recommendations of our partners in country. This strategy eliminates waste and benefits their local economy. Our approach is significantly more difficult, but the benefits are significantly more meaningful.