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Drawing on Deep ICF Roots

For the International Children’s Fund, Liberia is like a flowering bush whose branches have been savagely lopped off. Fortunately, the roots remain strong and branches are sprouting with the promise of new life and growth.

The situation in Liberia is bleak. The World Health Organization writes "with a GDP per capita of US$140, Liberia emerges from 14 years of conflict as one of the poorest countries in the world. More than 80% of the population lives on less than $1 per day and 52% live in extreme poverty. Unemployment stands at 85%. One in six Liberians depend on international food assistance."

In spite of this, Liberia is a bright spot for ICF’s African activity. Before the war we were very active in support of local Christian social ministries, which created a strong foundation for action after peace finally arrived.
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Surprisingly ambitious action
The bright spot in Liberia is the faith of our local ministers, who are committed to a twofold program; meeting the immediate needs of their people while making a sustainable long-term improvement in their lives. A number of ambitious peacetime programs are being implemented through support from ICF:

  • In addition to distributing food, clothing, medicine and safe drinking water, Pastor Paasewe at Living Word Community Church is building medical clinics and churches in the rural areas around the capital of Monrovia
  • Pastor Gelego at My Brother’s Keeper is expanding his existing orphanage with a new elementary school and a vocational training institute


Will optimism be rewarded?
Forward-looking, confident people are scarce in a country like Liberia. We’re excited to work through committed people like Pastors Cole, Gyamfi, Paasewe and Gelego. Will you help us to help them rebuild the country that was once one of Africa’s proudest? Help now with a tax-deductible donation to the International Children’s Fund.

Ministry List

4 active missions

  • Great Commission Victory Ministries – Pastor Emmanuel Gyamfi
  • Living Word Community Church – Pastor Paasewe
  • My Brother’s Keepers Orphanage – Pastor Ralph Gelego

Common focus: physical and spiritual help for children and families

  • Food, clothing and medicine
  • Water wells
  • Agricultural programs
  • Vocational training
  • Building churches, clinics and schools

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