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Our Quest to Empower Girls

In much of the developed world, there has been steady progress toward gender equality.  That however is not true in Liberia nor in most of Africa.  The opportunities for women in Sub-Saharan Africa are severely restricted by their limited access to education and skills training.  As a result, they are often subjected to gender-based violence, forced to marry and begin a family at a very early age, and are unable to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. 

 ICF wants to start a wave of change—breaking stereotypes and empowering young women with the dreams and the skills to achieve their full potential and in turn, to favorably impact their families, their communities, and their nation.

See How Your donation Makes A Difference


Your donation of $100 will help open doors for future generations of women.


A donation at this level helps provide the labor for the school or books for the library! 


Your gift of $1,000 will provide several windows or doors for the Girls College.


Your gift of $10,000 will provide a shipment of desks and furniture, or cover the cost of plastering the main level. As a celebration of your gift at this level, you will receive naming rights for a common area in the college. Your name or the name of your choosing will be displayed in either the Entry, Commons, Cafeteria, Library, Conference Room, Office, or Classroom.


Your gift of $25,000 will provide materials for the entire foundation of the college. In celebration of your gift at this level, you can choose a program in the college to be named in your honor or the name of your choosing.

Nursing Public Health Business Administration Teaching
Hospitality & Tourism Information Technology Computer Science Media
Music Fine Arts Fashion Design Theology
The Gardens


With your generous gift at this level, you would provide the materials and labor to build entire Ground Floor of the Girls College. A donation at this level would give you the opportunity to name the Girls College as an eternal legacy to yourself or someone special (ICF has final name approval).

About The College

The International Children’s Fund is partnering with Great Commission Victory Ministries International (GCVMI) to create a college that is dedicated to women.  A place where they can advance their education in a broad variety of curriculums and through which the women can elevate their opportunities and their stature within their community and their country.

The college will be located outside Monrovia, Liberia and will include approximately 50 classrooms and a full range of support facilities.  It will be sufficient to accommodate as many as 3,000 students.  The curriculum will range from nursing to computer science to business administration.

The International Children’s Fund has been working with GCVMI for more than 20 years and has successfully implemented numerous capital projects including an orphanage, a medical clinic, and a  primary/secondary school.  The objective of each of these capital projects along with countless other programs is to make a sustainable improvement in the lives of desperately poor children and their families.

This is a life changing opportunity to favorably impact the lives of young women in Africa.

If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation.

Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey

Our Project Timeline

4 Years 9 Months The Building estimated timeline is calculated according to stages and phases. However, added spaces for breaks are included in the timeline, because it is part of the process that those breaks are taken to allow the necessary nature adjustments in the building structure. The progressiveness of the project timeline depends on the funding. The completion of the building could take longer than estimated, if funding is not available to advance the project to the next phase.

1 Year, 4 Months


3 Months Foundation Building
1 Month Foundation Compiled


2 Months Wall Elevation
3 Months Form work, Steel work, Casting
1 Month BREAK Concrete Dry & Compiled Removal of Form


6 Months Plastering Till Floor Completion

8 Months

The strategy is to build a skeleton method of the building up to roofing to be able to recycle some work materials.


3 Months Form work, Steel work, Casting
1 Month BREAK, Concrete Dry & Compiled Removal of Form


4 Months Steel work, Casting Roofing

10 Months

Both 1st and 2nd Floors will be completed at different times, but if funding is available, the two levels can be completed simultaneously.


2 Months Wall Elevation
2 Months Form work, Steel work, Casting of Beams

PHASE 9,10

6 Months Plastering until Floor Completion

10 Months


2 Months Wall Elevation
2 Months Form work, Steel work, Casting of Beams

PHASE 12,13

6 Months Plastering until Floor Completion

1 Month

There is a continuous process of maintaining the gardens and the facility.


1 Month Landscaping, Layout, and Planting

Current Project Status – Phase 8

“The goal is to complete 56% of the construction of the building by the end of this year. It is expected that the remaining 44% will be completed in about 1 year and 2 months from now. We are confident that the building will be completed on schedule. Regular progress reports will be made to ensure the project stays on track. All stakeholders will be informed of progress.” – Emmanuel Gyamfi

Image Gallery of Construction

Budget Summary

Want to see all of the details?

Our brochure contains a complete budget breakdown for each phase of construction, as well as more details about Liberia and the people behind the project!


Our Leaders on the impact of our projects:

The ICF has been a major source of funding and relevant needs for our projects and some of our program, Victory Life Academy (VILA), New Community Clinic Expansion etc. Our projects align with our goals to make an impact in the lives of many, especially in Liberia.


General Overseer GCVMI

About ICF

We are a non-profit Christian organization that provides humanitarian aid to desperately poor children and their families throughout the world.

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