Education is Not Equal Everywhere

Thank you for your generous support to the International Children’s Fund over the years. Together we are making an incredible difference in the lives of desperately poor children and their families in Africa and India.

The start of the school year in our country in 2020 will be different than other years. There will be less focus on new backpacks and new clothes and more focus on creating student/teacher engagement in our new virtual learning environment and on finding ways to socially interact while maintaining social distancing. Regardless of the format of our schools, they will provide the education that our children need; because education is critically important for the well-being and future success of our children.

15 million children will never attend any school in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Africa, children do not have the same opportunities as children in the USA. It is estimated that more than 61 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa will not obtain even a primary level education – of which 15 million children will never attend any school. Further, there is a large gender gap with girls almost twice as likely to never attend school than boys. The opportunities for these children will be severely limited.


Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

– Proverbs 19:17

ICF is committed to make a sustainable improvement in the lives and communities that we serve. As such, providing education is a core activity. We support education at all our missions. This support ranges from primary and secondary education to technical/jobs training for adults. Each of these programs has a sustainable impact on the individual and their families.

Probably the most difficult environment to provide services is Kibera, Kenya. As you may know, Kibera is the world’s largest slum. It is estimated that more than 1 million people call Kibera “home”. Pastor Sila has established the Open Gate of Hope School in Kibera. This school provides education and feeding programs. Although the buildings are nothing more than sheet metal, the education that these children receive lifts them out of poverty and gives them hope of a better future.


Togo is one of our newest missions. With support from ICF- Pastor Geoffrey focused first on drilling a well (providing water), then fishponds (providing food) and most recently on classrooms to provide an education. The classroom is nothing more than a thatched hut – but within that simple structure our missionaries provide a rudimentary education… and a brighter future…

In addition to the education of children, our missions support programs to provide technical/skills training to adults. These programs tend to focus on marketable skills like sewing, tailoring, and leather-crafts. An ancient Singer sewing machine placed into the trained hands of a motivated person allows them to provide a valuable service to their community while allowing the person to support themselves and their family.

Regular giving helps us support our educational programs and also supports other programs promoting sustainable improvements in the lives of desperately poor children and their families.  We call these donors Hope Ambassadors because they help ICF to provide hope to those who truly face life and death needs in Africa and India.

Please know that every gift, no matter how large or small, is an answer to our prayers and an investment in the life of a child. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  

Thank you and God Bless, 

Dr. David Bruenning Founder/Int’l Director

15 million is too mnay. Help us send children back to school this year.

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