Celebrate a Graduate with a Gift of Opportunity

In Africa, children do not have the same opportunities as children in the USA.  It is estimated that more than 61 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa will not obtain even a primary level education.  Of these, 15 million children will never attend any school.  Further, there is a large gender gap with girls almost twice as likely to never attend school than boys.  The opportunities for these children will be severely limited.

Our missions support programs to provide technical and skills training to adults. These programs tend to focus on marketable skills like sewing, tailoring, and leather-crafts. A sewing machine placed into the trained hands of a motivated person allows them to provide a valuable service to their community while allowing the person to support themselves and their family.

Celebrate achievement with a new graduate and give the gift of opportunity with a new pedal sewing machine. Your generous gift will provide a young adult with the tool to utilize their skills, build a more secure future and contribute to the social and economic well being of their family and their community.

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We are pleased to partner with the following organizations to bring tangible hope to children in the villages we serve throughout the African continent and other locations.