Education is a Human Right

In Africa, children do not have the same opportunities as children in the USA.  It is estimated that more than 61 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa will not obtain even a primary level education.  Of these, 15 million children will never attend any school.  Further, there is a large gender gap with girls almost twice as likely to never attend school than boys.  The opportunities for these children will be severely limited.

Probably the most difficult environment to provide services is Kibera, Kenya.  As you may know, Kibera is the world’s largest slum.  It is estimated that more than 1 million people call Kibera “home”.  Pastor Sila has established the Open Gate of Hope School in Kibera.  This school provides education and feeding programs.  Although the buildings are nothing more than sheet metal, the education that these children receive lifts them out of poverty and gives them hope of a better future.

Million children will not recieve primary education

Million children will never attend any school

Girls 2x less likely to attend school

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