Give the Gift of Vision

This is the biggest health crisis that you have never heard of.  Poor vision affects people of every age group.  Children who have poor vision often struggle in school, being unable to read makes it difficult to learn.

The World Health Organization has estimated the problem costs the global economy more than $200 billion annually in lost productivity. 

In the rural villages, there are no eye doctors or availability of prescription eye glasses.  The cost of these services in the larger cities is very high.  Our solution to this problem is to provide our missions with an array of prescription eye glasses and reading glasses – various sizes/magnification/etc.  The person who needs glasses can then select from among the various options.  Although they may not be perfect, they offer a tremendous improvement.  The cost of supplying these standard eye glasses is ~$5.00.  Imagine being able to help someone see clearly for the first time.

billion dollars lost each year due to lost productivity.

billion estimated to not have access to glasses.

of people in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to clean water.

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We are pleased to partner with the following organizations to bring tangible hope to children in the villages we serve throughout the African continent and other locations.