Give Hope this Christmas…

Thank you for your generous support to the International Children’s Fund over the years. Together we are making an incredible difference in the lives of desperately poor children and their families in Africa and India.

 Christmas is often just another day of struggling to survive…

Although there is very little to celebrate in the rural villages of Africa, our pastors try to make Christmas special for the children. However, “special” has a very different meaning. The children do not dream of a new video game or a new bicycle, they dream of a nutritious meal or maybe a toy.

Mutesi, the young girl shown here received a stuffed bear last year. It was the first present that she had ever received and during the last year, it has not been out of her sight.

Our Pastors Are Our Eyes and Caring Hands Within the Local Communities

Many of our missions distribute Christmas shoeboxes containing items that the children need but would not normally have. Things like notebooks, crayons, toothbrushes, and small toys. Our mission in Uganda is striving to deliver 1,000 gift boxes to children in the rural villages. With your help, they will achieve their goal. Just imagine what joy that could bring.

2020 is not a normal year for any of us. The pandemic has impacted us all. Many of us will not be able to celebrate with family and friends like we normally would. Many of us are struggling with health and financial issues. This is a difficult time to be generous, but the need has never been greater.

Young boy wearing glasses made out of straw

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.
– Proverbs 19:17

The Best Gifts Can’t Be Wrapped

As you plan your holiday shopping, we would encourage you to give your friends and family the gift of a water well, farm animals, mosquito nets, or deworming medicine. But instead of having this gift delivered by UPS or the Post Office, have it delivered by the International Children’s Fund to the people who really need it. People whose lives depend upon your generosity.

Imagine how your co-workers would react if you gave a desperately poor child in Africa the hope for a better life … on their behalf. The gift of glasses to a boy who has poor vision or the gift of a goat that will provide milk, fleece, and even companionship.

We have a wonderful gift selection (from just $25) available at https://icfaid.org/gift-catalog/ or contact the ICF office at 920-729- 5721.

Please know that every gift, no matter how large or small, is an answer to our prayers and an investment in the life of a child. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. 

Thank you and God Bless,

Dr. David Bruenning
Founder/Int’l Director

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