Coronavirus Cannot Stop the Hands of God from Working

Thank you for your generous support to the International Children’s Fund over the years. Together we are making an incredible difference in the lives of desperately poor children and their families in Africa and India.

Together we are making an incredible difference in the lives of desperately poor children and their families in Africa and India.

As you know, COVID 19 has impacted literally everyone throughout the world. In the US, tens of thousands of lives have been lost, millions of people are out of work, and our economy has been significantly impacted. This is truly tragic; however, our economy is strong, our resources are vast, and we will recover. The same is not necessarily true for those in Africa and India.

The Pandemic Worldwide

In fact, Africa and India are experiencing an even more serious crisis.  The impact of the virus is made worse by limited healthcare resources, widespread poverty, lack of access to proper sanitation, and extremely limited financial/food reserves.

As an example,  Liberia has been in “lockdown” since late March.  People in the villages live on less than $1 per day.  Most are day laborers who work during the day to feed their family that night.  If they do not work … their family does not eat.  In the lockdown, they cannot work and as a result, thousands are starving. Pastor Paasewe summarizes the situation:


“If the virus doesn’t kill us, hunger surely will”.
– Pastor Paasewe 

According to the United Nations, the virus threatens to kill more than 300,000 people in Africa and plunge tens of millions more into poverty. Further, the World Health Organization predicts that the virus will cause disruption of medical deliveries – like essential mosquito nets – which will dramatically increase the prevalence of malaria (primarily affecting young children).

Imagine if you can the situation that many families in Africa and India face. They cannot go out because of the coronavirus lockdown, but they have no food or water at home. Further, since they are not working, they have no money to buy food… even if they could venture out to buy it. They desperately need help… our help…

ICF made a shipment to Liberia on March 27th.  This shipment was filled with food and supplies that were critically needed by our missions.  The container was loaded by Dr. Bruenning personally since Wisconsin was in lock down and our volunteers were not able to help.  The container arrived in Liberia on May 15th and was immediately distributed to those in greatest need.  This shipment will save thousands of lives in Liberia.  But the desperate need is so widespread.  Under the circumstances, there is not time to ship food from the US, but with your help, we can provide our missions the funds needed to buy local supplies. The need has never been greater.

The situation is equally critical in other countries that we serve.  Some comments from our other local pastors follow:

  • In Kenya – “There is great suffering in Nairobi. Please pray for us…”
  • In Uganda – “The lockdown has caused a severe shortage of food and children are starving…”
  • In India – “Everything is closed, we are in desperate trouble…”
  • In Togo – “Children are dying from starvation… please help…”

It has been said that when America has a hiccup, Africa has a heart attack.  This statement illustrates how serious global problems are magnified among the poor in Africa.

Regular giving helps us support the urgent supply of food/medical supplies amid this crisis and also supports programs promoting sustainable improvements in the lives of desperately poor children and their families throughout Africa and India.  We call these donors Hope Ambassadors because they help ICF to provide hope to those who truly face life and death needs in Africa and India.

Please know that every gift, no matter how large or small, is an answer to our prayers and an investment in the life of a child. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. 

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