Who We Serve

Saving and Changing the Lives of Children in Need

Spirit In Action

We invite you to come and personally explore this spirit in action, through the three stories below that dramatize the work we’ve focused on for 40+ years. Africa’s neediest children will be glad you did.

Mosquito Nets Distribution in Ghana

Mosquito nets being handed out in Yamoransa in the central region. These nets will save lives by preventing malaria.

MAHLEF Center in Ghana

We continually send food to feed 150 destitute children at the MAHLEF Educational and Teen Pregnancy Care Center.

Dad's Ministry in Mafubira Slum

HIV/AIDS leaves many children parentless. We support orphanages and HIV/AIDS patient support through Dad's Ministry.

Deworming in Ghana/Uganda

Providing deworming medication can save the lives of thousands of children. Our goal is to deworm 10,000 this year. In April 2019 alone we dewormed 1,012 children.

Disabled People Project in Uganda

This ministry strives to help train disabled children, youth, single mothers, and women in leather Bags and shoe making skills.

Orphanage in Jinja Uganda

Pastor George Kasharu was trained in the 1980s by Dr. David of ICF. They now feed the needy in Jinja.