Water Is Life

“Water Is Life, And Clean Water Means Health.” -Audrey Hepburn

The World Health Organization estimates that 115 people in Africa die every hour as a result of unsafe water – nearly half of which are children under the age of 5. Diseases from contaminated water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

In Africa, villagers often rely on surface water (streams, ponds, or even puddles) for water. These sources of water are also used for bathing, washing, and for livestock. As a result, the water is often tainted and not suitable for drinking. However, the villagers collect this water and use it for cooking, washing, and yes – even drinking. Searching for and carrying water is commonly the responsibility of women and children. Using every imaginable container, they carry water back to their homes and their families. Imagine spending a significant portion of your day just trying to fulfill this basic need – and being forced to rely on a water source that is likely to cause illness.


A child in Uganda receives deworming medication.
A child in Uganda receives deworming medication.

Now imagine the impact of a local water well. A water well can service an entire village for years to come. It will not only save lives but will allow the villagers to use the time previously spent on the daily routine of finding and transporting water for more productive tasks. Thanks to a newly drilled well, the boys in the left photo above can quickly and safely get clean drinking water for their families and then return. toschool to further their education. 

ICF recognized the critical importance of clean, safe, accessible drinking water for children and their families in Africa and India. As such, this has been a pillar in our missionary programs. During our current fiscal year, ICF has supported the drilling of 15 new water wells. This will provide thousands of families with access to this critical resource where it did not previously exist. We have found that whenever a community receives access to clean water, everything improves – including health, education, and even livelihoods. As quoted previously, Water is Life…

In Kwadwo Ashong and Danchira in Ghana, the villagers had no source of potable water. They were forced to rely on surface water or to walk for hours each day to a nearby village where they were required to pay for access to safe drinking water. With the support of ICF, our local mission contracted for the drilling of a well to service these two communities. Now they have a source of safe, clean water just steps from their homes. Our local pastor reports – “Smiles break out on the faces of families as they recognize that they will never need to worry about safe water again.”

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A child in Uganda receives deworming medication.
A child in Uganda receives deworming medication.
Update on Girls College

One of our largest projects is the construction of a Girls college in Monrovia, Liberia which will provide free or subsidized education and training for young women in programs ranging from nursing to computer science to business administration. We are pleased to report that the construction of the Girls College in Monrovia continues to progress ahead of schedule. The exterior of the first floor is largely complete, and the second floor is in process. 

Together We Make A World of Difference

Regular giving helps us support our efforts to drill wells along with countless other programs promoting sustainable improvements in the lives of desperately poor children and their families. We call these donors Hope Ambassadors because they help ICF to provide hope to those who truly face life and death needs in Africa and India.

Every gift, no matter how large or small, is an answer to our prayers and an investment in the life of a child. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  

Thank you and God Bless, Dr. David Bruenning Founder/Int’l Director

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